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    I downloaded a menu progam. It works fine in in IE5.x. Some users have IE4.x and I get an error.<BR><BR>The error comes from haschildNodes() which is only good in IE5.x. How can I change this code so it will work in IE5.x and IE 4.x? <BR><BR>here is part of the code that I downloaded.<BR> function HideMenu(obj)<BR> {<BR> if(obj.hasChildNodes()==true)<BR> { <BR> var child = obj.children <BR> <BR> for(var j =0;j&#060;child.length;j++)<BR> {<BR> if (child[j].className=="barOver")<BR> {var bar = eval(child[j].id)<BR> bar.className="Bar"}<BR> <BR> if(child[j].menu != null)<BR> {<BR> var childMenu = eval(child[j].menu)<BR> if(childMenu.hasChildNodes()==true) <BR> HideMenu(childMenu)<BR> <BR> = "hidden" <BR> }<BR> }<BR> <BR> }<BR> }<BR><BR>thanks for you help

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    Default Show us hasChildNodes() </post>


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