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Thread: Looping through the record set

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    Hi,<BR> I think I am dumb not getting through this....<BR>I have a record set where I get four record into it(eg;a,b,c,d)<BR>Now I have to update a table using these four records like <BR>a--&#062;b<BR>a--&#062;c<BR>a--&#062;d<BR>b--&#062;c<BR>b--&#062;d<BR>c--&#062;d<BR>Can any one help me in this<BR>Thank you in advance,<BR>Regards,<BR>Vikki

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    Hey Vikki, You are not Dumb but maybe you are in a hurry... Just think logically...For the first time through the loop start from the first row... Then move the record pointer to the desired row and start the loop from that row...<BR><BR>

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