I have created a page that will add new records to two tables in a SQL Server 7.0 DB. Everything appears to work fine, the information gets loaded to the tables without apparent issue, but I keep receiving an error message on my page. The message only states that an error occurred on line 53. Below is the block of code that includes line 53. However, that whole block of code does the update and keeps running. When I look back at the db table, the information has been added! What is the problem or how can I get rid of the error message? (Line 53 is the &#039;Description&#039; line.) Thanks!<BR><BR>i = 0<BR>while i &#060;= count<BR>with rsPOD<BR> .AddNew<BR> .Fields("PurchaseOrderID") = Request.Form("strPONum")<BR> .Fields("ItemCode") = Request.Form("strVenItemCd" & i)<BR> .Fields("Description") = Request.Form("strItemDesc" & i)<BR> .Fields("Quantity") = Request.Form("strUnits" & i)<BR> .Fields("UnitOfMeasure") = Request.Form("strUM" & i)<BR> .Fields("PricePerUnit") = Request.Form("strCost" & i)<BR> .Fields("ExtendedPrice") = Request.Form("Extended" & i)<BR> .Update<BR>end with<BR>i = i + 1<BR>wend