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    I am trying to send email from my asp page using CDO.<BR>But when I hit submit, my page seems to hang half way. Is something wrong with the code . It&#039s as follows..<BR>&#060;%<BR><BR><BR>Dim objCDO<BR>Set objCDO = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR><BR> <BR>objCDO.To = ""<BR>objCDO.From = ""<BR> = ""<BR><BR>Dim txtSubject<BR>txtSubject = "Hello ! I have visited y&#039r page.<BR>objCDO.Subject = "Replying....!!"<BR>objCDO.Body = txtSubject<BR>objCDO.Send<BR><BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Ho w will I check if the CDO is installed properly? <BR>I went to Add/REmove programs and checked ..all I found was Windows NT Option Pack 5.0<BR>How will I know that the CDO is installed ?<BR>Any help would be appreciated .<BR>Thanks!

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    Unless you typed it in wrong, you are missing the end quotes on this line:<BR><BR>txtSubject = "Hello ! I have visited y&#039r page.<BR><BR>Also, it would be a good idea to replace all single quotes with the chr(39) so that doesn&#039t mess anything up.<BR><BR>replace(textSubject,"&#039",chr(39))<BR ><BR>Good luck.<BR><BR>Brandon

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    oooooooops!!!<BR>Guess you missed the end quotes(") in the text line<BR>txtSubject = "Hello ! I have visited y&#039r page.<BR>----------------------------------------------------<BR>hopw this works <BR>Good luck buddy.<BR>:-)<BR>

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