Just had some general questions about caching and best practices, etc... I am building a new web app, and wanted to know what people suggest I do for caching. What options do I have and what are the pros and cons about them. I have read up on caching some, but I don&#039;t know enough about it yet to form my own opinions. <BR><BR>In the new app, it will contain a lot of reporting and data extracts. I am planning on developing it similar to the IBUYSPY Portal. With one common page (desktopdefault from IBUY Portal) that has user controls, that decide what controls to load for the "module" that is passed in the querystring. So, how should I go about caching my app? I want to cache as much as I can so that I can save performance. The data in the database will not be updated that often, so I was thinking about caching the page for maybe 60 minutes or so, but heres my problem. I want to clear the cache everytime the database is actually updated, that way they see the most current data. I noticed, when looking through some caching samples, that if you use it with XML, it has a file dependancy check. So, if the XML file is updated, then it will not pull from the cache. Is there any support like that for database updates? If not, how can I make it clear the cache for certain modules? Or, do you recommend that I generate an XML file everytime the DB is updated? <BR><BR>Please help, I am open to any ideas, thanks.