Hi there <BR><BR>My issue here is Block deletion/update from a spread sheet in an <BR>ASP Form. Users may select many records and needs deletion capability on them.<BR><BR>How do you know which record to be deleted from a spreadsheet[For eg. Grid, Does the Asp support Spread(Far Point 2.5)] in an ASP form. Looks like I can&#039t browse through every records in a spread, there is no property which supports this feature.<BR><BR>In VB you can browse through each row in a spread,look for a propety of each row OR look for a value of a hidden cell[in a hidden column] for each row and go ahead with deletion. In the same way can we browse through the spread sheet object, inspect a cells value, pass proper values to an ASP Page and<BR>get our deletion done ?<BR><BR>Any help will be greatly appreciated !!<BR><BR>TIA<BR>Manoj