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    Rob Wolfe Guest

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    Does anyone here have any experience developing on a Linux platform?<BR>The ASP pages will still be served from NT but I&#039m thinking about converting my pc over to Linux.<BR><BR>What software is available to code in ASP? What can I use to connect to a SQL7 database?<BR><BR>Thanks for the info.<BR><BR>Rob Wolfe<BR>

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    Dr.EvilBeer Guest

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    You don&#039t need any "ASP software" per se. Because you can use your code without having to compile you can simply use any type of text editor that doesn&#039t add any special formatting instructions. Notepad is one common example.

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    Ian Stallings Guest

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    I sometimes develop on Linux and I like to use emacs<BR>if available and sometimes pico (not as good but it&#039ll do)<BR><BR><BR>as for connecting to sql server 7.0 I think you can use the<BR>Sybase libraries (sql server is based on sybase db). <BR>More info on that here*:<BR><BR><BR>*note - this is too only to connect to a sql server db from<BR>linux, it has nothing to do with asp.<BR><BR>hth,<BR>Ian<BR><BR>

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    Rob Wolfe Guest

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    Cool.<BR><BR>I know that I ~can~ use notepad however I was looking for something that will at least color my &#060;% %&#062; tags like innerdev does.<BR>I&#039m not familiar with emacs. emacs may do just that.<BR><BR>Thanks for the info.<BR>Rob Wolfe<BR>

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