Browser compatibilities with respect to frames.

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Thread: Browser compatibilities with respect to frames.

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    Bharath Guest

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    *<BR>I have designed a web site which has a top frame and a bottom frame in the mainframe.html. I have lot of links in the top frame,kind of a navgation bar, which takes me to appropriate html/asp pages on clicking those links. I have targetted all the link pages to the bottom frame so that top frame remains as such throughout the visit. It works fine with IE 4.0 and above but except for the top frame, nothing is visible in Netscape 4.7. I tried writing target name within " " and it did not work. So, I want to know what could be the problem using target directed within frames. I would also welcome some tips which can keep my code functional in both IE and Netscape without any problems. What are the different html tags which both these browsers support in common and what are the exceptions? Are there any implementation differences in these tags? This information will be of great information to me. Eagerly waitning for feedback and suggestions.

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    KPW Guest

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    One thing you should be sure to check is that all of your &#060;frame&#062; and &#060;frameset&#062; tags have closing tags. Netscape is very picky about closing tags. It would also help to diagnose the problem if you posted some code.

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