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    Hello,<BR><BR> We are using microsoft Web application stress tool to test the stress. Do we have any standard values to test a job site to check it meets the requirements are not. That is like number os users, number of threads and clients. Can anyone suggest me for a job site what will be the standard values for these parameters.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Keerthi

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    The whole point of the tool allowing you to choose those numbers yourself is to allow you to try to emulate the kind of real-world usage you expect to see!<BR><BR>Do you have many, many users who each do one relatively little thing on the site? Or do you have many users who each do several little things? Or do you have some users who each use a page that does an extensive amount of DB work? Or...<BR><BR>Figure out the expected pattern of use for your site and then set those as the numbers for the stress tool to emulate. That&#039;s all.<BR><BR>[In the absence of any other data, I&#039;d pick about 40 to 100 threads, total. But that&#039;s just a stab in the dark!]<BR><BR>

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