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    I&#039;m trying to dynamically change the select bx in a parent form. Also the syntax is correct for accessing the parent form but for adding options dynamically it crashes.<BR>Here&#039;s the code:<BR><BR> function change()<BR> {<BR> var IntPath = opener.document.userform.subtype;<BR> var TheOptions = IntPath.options.length;<BR><BR> IntPath.options.length = 0; <BR><BR> IntPath.options[IntPath.options.length] = new Option(&#039;His Hair is Cool&#039;,&#039;0&#039;);<BR> }

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    Default You can't just set...

    ...the length of the options to zero.<BR><BR>You have to set the individual elements of the options array to null, working backwards.<BR><BR>I have a demo at that shows "Dual Lists in HTML" (or something akin to that) that demonstrates the technique. It works in MSIE and NS, incidentally.<BR><BR>

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