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    would this work? i want to compare the two password values on my login page to make sure they match before i create the login.<BR><BR>pwd2= request.form("newpwd") <BR>pwd3= request.form("conpwd") <BR><BR>if pwd2.value &#060;&#062; pwd3.value<BR> respond.value "login.asp?Err=4"<BR> end if <BR> <BR>

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    Default Have you tried it??

    Why not just code it like so:<BR><BR>pwd2= request.form("newpwd") <BR>pwd3= request.form("conpwd") <BR><BR>if pwd2 &#060;&#062; pwd3 then<BR>response.redirect "login.asp?Err=4"<BR>end if <BR>

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