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    I am buiding a small business website in windows 2000 server that has IIS Server already installed on it. Can you tell me step by step how to host a website by myself? and what is the requirements to host a website by myself? Thank You.

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    This is a very tough process.<BR>Here are a few things you will have to do.<BR><BR>1. Secure the server. I am not kidding you MUST do this before anything else.<BR>2. Delete the default pages from the c:inetpubwwwroot(presuming that you have the standard path)<BR>3. Register a domain name. Something that has your company&#039;s name of meaning in it.<BR>4. Get someone to do the DNS pointers. Most registrars do that for you on a subscription basis. What this does is allow me to type in "" and get to your site instead of using your IP.<BR>5. Somewhere among teh things above you need to get a good connection to the server. The faster the better, but reasonable limitations apply, like: no dial-up, and a T3 is a bit much. You must keep in mind how many people will come to see the site and how fast teh machine is. There is no point in a T1 if you ahve a 486 host the site.<BR>6. Figure out how the new content will be posted to the server. This will define if you need to install FTP service or not. This is also a good place to figure out how macny holes you will close by selecting 1-2 methods of posting.<BR>7. Blocking ports to you IIS servers is always a good idea. Most of my servers appear(to web users) to have only 2 ports, the WWW(80) and FTP(21). How you are planing on doing this will depend on your connection. Most DSL/CABLE "routers" seem to do just fine, but more serious/expensive solutions might be in order.<BR>8. After the server is setup you need to do 2 things. 1 stay aways, servers are ment for 1 thing only and that is serve, and not to chekc your EMAIL. 2 keep applying pathces and updates. Keeping up with updates is the only thing between a reliable site and down time.<BR><BR>If you have any more questions/problems feel free to post them here.

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