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    Default URL variable?

    I want to create an include file that can output the URL or the file that includes it for redirection purposes. So if redirect.inc contains <BR><BR>&#060;%response.write URL%&#062;<BR><BR>and anyfile.asp contains<BR><BR>&#060;!-- #include file="./redirect.inc --&#062;<BR><BR>Then anyfile.asp should display "anyfile.asp" or "domain/anyfile.asp"<BR><BR>The question is what do I put in place of URL. Is there something like request.URL that returns the URL in the http request?<BR><BR>Obviously my include file is more complicated but this illustates my question.

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    The Request.ServerVariables collection contains everything that you need.<BR><BR>Search 4guysfromrolla.com for more information about it.

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    Default Request.ServerVariables(URL)


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