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    Hey everybody, <BR>I was just wondering what you knowlegable souls would consider a good XML Content Management System? The main ones I&#039;ve seen that keep cropping up are XML Spy and XMetaL. <BR><BR>Any one have an opinion on these apps or is there a better alternative? <BR><BR>I&#039;m a newbie (like you couldn&#039;t tell! and need - and would appreciate - what ever help any one could offer. <BR><BR>The main project the XML will be used on is basically this: <BR>A large site which non-techies could upload Word documents, PDF&#039;s, images such as graphs etc. to the company&#039;s Oracle database and then have it displayed on the web. <BR><BR>Again, any help what so ever would be greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>Ay Cee.

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    Hi Ay Cee, Aitch Cee here.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve used XMLSpy and can thoroughly recommend it for XML and any web-related work (e.g. ASP). Its very clever the use of tags (intellisense, suggests attributes, closes tags for you, unfussy IDE, colourcoding) makes it top in my books. Its not free but it is worth the money.<BR>Interdev has better DB facilities but pisspoor XSLT-editing support and VS.NET isn&#039;t any better in comparison to XMLSpy.

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