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    Mike Greene Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR><BR><BR>When I use an * in a SQL statement, it is being translated as a literal. For example if I have a book title called "The disaster of mikes computer" in the &#039titles&#039 field and I want to create a recordset of all records with the name like &#039*mike*&#039 is it supposed to be done this way. <BR><BR>myselection= request.form("Title")<BR>myselection = "*" & myselection &"*"<BR>mysql = "Select * from files where title like &#039 " & myselection & " &#039 ;"<BR><BR>Even if I hard code the criteria so it looks like this &#039 *mike* &#039 what happens is it takes the asterisk as a literal.<BR><BR>Help me!! My headache is getting larger and my bottle of Tylenol is running out.

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    Brett Simpson Guest

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    Hi Mike,<BR><BR>I just saw something referring to this, and fixed some of <BR>my own troubles, you need to use the % character since <BR>the ASP SQL is different than Access SQL, for example <BR>like "%sometext%".<BR><BR>Put your Tylenol away : )<BR><BR>-Brett

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