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    I have a bit of a puzzle going on with Access and dates<BR><BR>I have an ASP page that is inserting the date into the db i.e. #07/05/02# (this is working no problem) However, when I look inside the db, Access has swapped the date round to 05/07/02.<BR><BR>I have checked my control panel and the regional settings are setup correctly for the UK. My ASP page returns the date in the correct UK format.<BR><BR>So does anyone know why Access is doing this. I realise that if it&#039;s not broken don&#039;t fix it blah..blah, but I would really like to know whats causing it, just in case it creates problems in the future.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Micheal

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    There&#039;s a FAQ all about Dates - you might want to find that and read it.<BR><BR>The is linked to at the top of almost every page of the aspmessageboard.

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