How can I rewrite the deletion statement to not get this error.<BR>I have the user check what items to delete on a Revieworder.asp page. For example, if the users wants to delete the Medium then check this. <BR>&#060;input type="checkbox" name="chkMed" value="yes"&#062; &#060;input name="quant&#060;%= intProdID %&#062;" size="3" value="&#060;%=intQuant%&#062;" onChange="HandleError(this)"&#062; <BR><BR>I think it deletes it before it redirects. <BR><BR>The following code is my deletion page.<BR>&#060;% <BR>else<BR> <BR> intOrderID = cstr(Session("orderID"))<BR><BR> set rsProd = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR> rsProd.Open "SELECT * FROM itemsOrdered " _<BR> & "WHERE orderID="& intOrderID, _<BR> Conn, adOpenDynamic, adLockPessimistic, adCmdText<BR> while not rsProd.EOF<BR><BR> element = "quant" & rsProd("productID")<BR> elementsm = "quantsm" & rsProd("productID")<BR> <BR> intQuant = Request.form(element)<BR> intQuantsm = Request.form(elementsm)<BR> chkMed = Request.form("chkMed")<BR> chkSm = Request.form("chkSm")<BR> <BR> if intQuant &#060;&#062; "" and isNumeric(intQuant) then<BR> if chkMed = "yes" then<BR> rsProd.Delete<BR> else<BR> rsProd("quantitym") = intQuant<BR> end if<BR> end if<BR> <BR> if intQuant &#060;&#062; "" and isNumeric(intQuantsm) then<BR> if chkSm = "yes" then<BR> rsProd.Delete<BR> else<BR> rsProd("quantitysm") = intQuantsm<BR> end if<BR> end if<BR> <BR> <BR> rsProd.Update<BR> rsProd.MoveNext<BR> wend<BR><BR> if Request.form("control") = "Update Order" then<BR> <BR> rsProd.Close<BR> set rsProd = Nothing<BR> <BR> Conn.Close<BR> set Conn = Nothing<BR> <BR> Response.Redirect "reviewOrder.asp"<BR> else<BR> <BR> if rsProd.BOF and rsProd.EOF then<BR> rsProd.Close<BR> set rsProd = Nothing<BR> <BR> Conn.Close<BR> set Conn = Nothing<BR> <BR> Session("orderID") = ""<BR> Response.Redirect "checkout.asp"<BR> <BR> else<BR> %&#062;<BR>The error I get<BR><BR>Microsoft JET Database Engine error &#039;80040e23&#039; <BR><BR>Row handle referred to a deleted row or a row marked for deletion. <BR><BR>/gundersen/checkout.asp, line 137