I&#039;m baffled!! I&#039;ve got no exp. in win2000/COM+, and am relying on our hardware group to set up the server. <BR><BR>I&#039;m using an activex dll that&#039;s loaded on a win2000 server, and generally works fine. However, when testing out the page with the script below, it generates the expected results only every "9th" time - in other words, after hitting refresh 9 times....or, opening a new browser window 9 times.... <BR><BR>What should happen is I should get an error each time this page is run, b/c I&#039;m passing a bogus username and password to the <BR>ACAPI.ACOpenConnection method. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried clearing the buffer, etc. I know that the object gets created each time, and I know the methods work fine, b/c I&#039;ve used the same dll in a VB program w/o a problem (even running multiple copies of the VB program), and get the expected results each time. <BR><BR>On the dll side, I&#039;ve set project properties to Retain in Memory and Unattended Execution....<BR><BR>Any ideas?? <BR>Thoughts greatly appreciated, this one has me stumped, and it&#039;s most likely something simple! <BR><BR>Thanks in advance! <BR><BR>&#060;% <BR>On Error Resume Next <BR>Dim ACAPI, hConnection, lErr, strErrMsg <BR>Set ACAPI = Server.CreateObject("ACAPI.ACAPIWrapper") <BR>ACAPI.ACStartup <BR>hConnection = ACAPI.ACOpenConnection("D_ATSDB1", "sdfasdf", "asdfwe") <BR>lErr = ACAPI.ACLastError(hConnection) <BR>strErrMsg = ACAPI.ACLastErrorMsg(hConnection) <BR>lErr = ACAPI.ACClearLastError(hConnection) <BR>ACAPI.ACCloseConnection hconnection <BR>ACAPI.ACCleanup <BR>Set ACAPI = Nothing <BR>hConnection=0 <BR>lErr=0 <BR>strErrMsg="" <BR>%&#062;