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    I have a JScript asp page that updates a record in the database. I want to lock it, so that two people can&#039;t update the record at the same time. <BR><BR>I opne the records set with adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic and try updating using IE and NS at the same time. No error prevents the second from overwriting the first.<BR><BR>So, I try adLockPessimistic, etc., but nothing works. Does anybody know what is wrong?<BR><BR>thanks for any help!<BR><BR>jon

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    I think what you&#039;re trying to say is :<BR><BR>"I want to lock a record when a user begins editing it." <BR><BR>this is not built-in to asp/ado - you&#039;d have to write a custom system to do it. ADO locking only takes effect when ADO is actiualy accessing the record, i.e. not in the edit page.<BR><BR>j

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