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    Darren Jones Guest

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    Quick question from a beginner. The following message was posted some time back, and I want to try what it suggests (having problems with the returned info from mailform.asp and thought this might fix it). Anyway, can someone tell me exactly where to put this line of code. Thanks<BR><BR>"RE: CDONTS (From the Advanced ASP Forum)<BR>In case anyone is wondering, I figured it out. You need to add this line of code:<BR>objMail.MailFormat = cdoMailFormatText<BR><BR>This is the definition:<BR>The NewMail object is to be in uninterrupted plain text (default value). <BR><BR>It says that it defaults, but for some reason it was sending in MIME format."

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    Darren Jones Guest

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    ps. only ask because when we put it on the line after "set objCDO...etc" we get the error:<BR>"Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039 800a01f4&#039 <BR>Variable is undefined: &#039cdoMailFormatText&#039"<BR>when we try it out.

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