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    Lately when I make changes to asp files, changes were not immediately reflected on the web page as they always did. As a matter of fact, if I created a new asp page and then deleted it, I can still access that page with a browser even the file no longer existed in the directory. The page seemed to be cached on the server since I can access the "non-existing" page from different computers. This phenomenon does not affect normal html files. I would really appreciate if anyone has suggestion on how to prevent the server from caching asp pages (if that is the cause of my problem).<BR><BR>Thank you very much!<BR>

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    What editor are you using to tinker with your ASP files? Are you using Interdev, or modifying the ASP files directly (either IIS is on your machine, and you are editing the files throgh notepad, or you are directly FTPing...)???<BR><BR>Sounds like an InterDev problem, if you are using InterDev, that is.

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