Need to create a customized IDE for asp with xml i

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Thread: Need to create a customized IDE for asp with xml i

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    Default Need to create a customized IDE for asp with xml i

    We are trying to build a Rapid Application Development (RAD) tool that enables software developers to graphically build and deploy Services for a particular domain.<BR>It will allow application developers to create, modify, and debug specific applications. <BR>It will be a complete ide with editor having full support for drag-drop our specific set of components, users being able to create new components, wysiwyg features, source editor, templates which can be customized, wizards etc. All these underneath would generate ASP code, in addition to whatever files are made. Example, Allow the user to drag and drop DB connections and create Apps that talk to DB also. (something like it happend in VB). And, it&#039;ll have abilities to debug, interpret, execute and deploy applications. <BR>I am trying to find out if something close to this, made preferably in vb or is available with source code. Maybe even with limited set of functionalities for now. Or, if any of the commercial IDEs for asp allow customization to such an extent so as to have our own configuration options, our set of inbuilt components, exposed interfaces which would make it extensibile and customizable etc.<BR>

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    Default easy

    read faq #110 on

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