Hi pple<BR>I d/w Microsoft Webcontrols n installed on machine....then i copied the code in book<BR><BR>it gave me following errors<BR><BR>1)Parser Error Message: File or assembly name "Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls, or one of its dependencies, was not found.<BR><BR>2)Source Error: <BR><BR><BR>Line 1: &#060;%@ Import Namespace="Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls" %&#062;<BR>Line 2: &#060;%@ Register TagPrefix="IE" Namespace="Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls Assembly="Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls %&#062;<BR><BR>it has highlighted line 2 in red color..<BR><BR>Are there any modifications 2 be made after i install WebControls... <BR>Infact i ran gacutil -i Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.dll located in program files/microsoft internet explorer directory to add assembly in cache .<BR><BR>So plzz help me out of this<BR>Dhiraj<BR>