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    I have a form that has 6 radio buttons and several text fields. The user can select any combination of radio buttons 1-5 but if they select the 6th all of the first 5 are selected. Now comes the part I can't get..I need to create a new record for each of the radio buttons they selected along with the rest of the info. I guess ny question is how do you loop through an add new and add the individual records? And then how would you update those records if the user needs to? Any help in this would be apreciated. Maybe radio buttons aren't the right answer but I hope my explanation makes sense. Thanls.

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    Default Radio buttons or...

    ...checkboxes???<BR><BR>If you used radio buttons and they all have the same NAME= then there is no way the user can select more than one.<BR><BR>And if each one has a different name, then once one is turned, it can&#039;t be turned off. Unless you are pulling some javascript tricks.<BR><BR>ANYWAY...<BR><BR>How about you show me the &#060;FORM&#062; with those buttons or checkboxes and then I can comment more cogently.<BR><BR>

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