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    Reshma Guest

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    Is it possible to make visible a hidden form when a particular hypertext is clicked? if so how?<BR>please help.

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    Durairaj Guest

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    reshma,<BR><BR>Can i have detail of ur question.<BR><BR>if so i will try to solve ur problem.<BR><BR>u are asking enable ur &#060;form&#062; or .asp form(page) .<BR>i am not understood.<BR><BR>let me know that, then i will try<BR><BR>happy programming <BR><BR>durai

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    Reshma Guest

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    Thanx durai for u&#039r effort. i&#039m sorry for not being clear.<BR><BR>Actually i have an html form with two text inputs which should be disabled initially when i open that page & when i click on a hypertext the form should get enabled & control should go to the first text input in that form. i hope that this is clear enough & if u have the solution for this please give me the details.<BR><BR>Thanx again fo rshowing concern.<BR><BR>reshma<BR>

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