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    How does one refer to a Database element in Response.Redirect("???")<BR><BR>I have set up a drop down list, and when the user selects an option I would like the page to redirect to the correponding url for the selected index. Any tips or advice would be appreciated.<BR><BR>The code implementation so far is at : http://www.thezambian.com/linksdropdown.aspx

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    Well, one way to do it would be to set the AutoPostBack attribute of your drop down to true and then create a function that only fires on postback (If isPostBack then ...). Then, within your function do whatever handling of the selected index you need to get the url and then insert that value into a variable which can then be used for the response.redirect. <BR><BR>Another option would be to actually set the value of the pulldown to be the url of the page you want to go to. Then do the same AutoPostBack thing described above, but just do:<BR><BR>Response.redirect(MyDropDownList.Select edItem.Value) within your function. <BR><BR>Not sure any of that made sense, but it&#039;d work! <BR><BR>Hth, <BR><BR>])ry

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    you can you javascript onchange() function.

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