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    Default Creating a Knowledge Base

    I have the task of creating a knowledge base for our online support desk. At the moment I let the user enter four keywords which i assign to the article for search purposes. What I want though is the system to pull out the main words automatically. Of course I don't want all the little words like and, as etc etc to become keywords but then if I search each word against a list of possible words it will take ages. How do the search engines do it?

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    Default You create an index.

    Have a program which runs at set intervals and scans files. It then generates an index of articles and their associated keywords.<BR><BR>Then you search that.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default I think this needs some clarity

    Everyone wants a search engine nowadays.<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the tip straight from the pros: Buy one.<BR><BR>Look, search algorithims are extremely complex -- google doesn&#039;t do it overnight. If this is an engine for anything more than a quickie, I say buy one.

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