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    Hi! <BR>I&#039;m making a forum, but I&#039;m not quite sure what is the best way of solving it. My options are either to make one file (forum.asp) wich contains several different subs. One for viewing all the threads, one for reading the threads, one for posting a thread and so on. Or to make several different files. <BR>My question is: What is the best way to go with performance in mind? Will it run smother when it&#039;s more files doing the job, or when there is only one? Or is there any difference at all?

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    Default I'd say multiple files.

    Use includes to share common functionality (opening database connection, formatting text, displaying headers/footers, etc).<BR><BR>But, I would say multiple files because the ASP.DLL has to read an entire file in for it to process it. I *think* it would be faster to read 10 500 line files instead of 1 5000 line file.

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