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    I&#039m have problems using "CDONTS.Newmail" on a university server that his hosting my site. Apparently they can&#039t install this components from NT Option pack as it will conflict with Exchange. Is there another way of mailing without using &#039mailto&#039 or third party components?

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    If they installed the whole CDO package, NewMail should come with it. The other way is to boot outlook 98 to the server which also comes with the CDONTS stuff in it (I forgot...someone may be more clear on this).<BR><BR>Or...go to regedit of the machine and check out is there a key reference to any CDO package, if there is, try your code and see if it can work...

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    They run webserver and exchange server on same machine? Must be a hell of load for a university. You can put SMTP Service and Excahnge on the same machine but you have to remove the IMC from exchange server.

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