displaying one record in two rows of a table

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Thread: displaying one record in two rows of a table

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    Default displaying one record in two rows of a table

    Hi,<BR>In my Database table i had a field with longtext which can contain up 4000 characters. I need to transfer this data to ingress system which will accept only 2000 characters so i need this data in two parts. i.e. upto 2000 characters i need one row in html table and for another 2000 characters i need another row in html table.<BR><BR>Is there any way we can show the first 2000 characters of a row in one row of a table and other 2000 characters in another row of the same html table??<BR><BR>Any help much appreciated.

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    Default Click on 'VBScript Reference'...

    ...in the left panel of this page.<BR><BR>Click on "Functions" in the list of topics that appears.<BR><BR>Click on "Left" in the list of functions that appears.<BR><BR>Also check out the "Right" and "Mid" and "InStr" and "InStrRev" functions.<BR><BR>I&#039;m not clear why it matters about how many characters are in an *HTML* table. Are you sure you don&#039;t mean a *database* record???<BR><BR>And, besides, an HTML TABLE typically has multiple rows and multiple cells.<BR><BR>And have you considered what happens when you break the 4000 characters exactly at the 2000 mark? You could well be breaking right in the middle of a word. Does this bother you?<BR><BR>

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