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    marianne Guest

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    Please help newbie! When I try to run a file with an asp extension Front Page 98 automatically starts and the script wont execute. I dont have this problem if the file has an htm extension. I am using Microsoft&#039s Personal Web Server with Front Page 98.<BR>Thanks for any tips!

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    John Harvey Guest

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    I&#039m assuming you mean that you want to double click on the ASP file and have it execute in your browser. This can be accomplished by changing the file associations for the .asp extention. In Windows Explorer, click on View then Folder Options (or Options in Win95), and click on the File Types tab. Find the ASP entry (I think it&#039s under Active Serve Document) and add a new entry to have IE or Netscape open it and set that as the default action.<BR>Regards,<BR>John Harvey

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    Dear John I am experiencing similar problems...<BR><BR>My ".asp" files open with Photoshop and do not visiably react when opened from within the browser.<BR><BR>In Windows Explorer, the default extension for "content type" shows &#039.asp&#039, but the File Type Details displays &#039ASB&#039.<BR><BR>However, I can not find the "File Type Details" for &#039.ASP&#039to edit the association. It&#039s very odd, the icon displaying on &#039.asp&#039 files is a Photoshp Table icon.<BR><BR>Should I have an ASP program loaded on my system ? Where would such an application be sourced? I&#039ve loaded the latest PWS and assumed that ASP is default functionallity.<BR><BR>I also have Visual Interdev / Studio 6 loaded on my machine which opens "ASA" files by default -could this cause a problem ?<BR><BR>Hell, I though this bit at least would be simple - I&#039ve even tried uninstallin photoshop but without any joy - IE4 does not display the contents of these files.<BR><BR>Do I need to change the read /write rights on a root directory or something?<BR><BR>Help !

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    marianne Guest

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    John,<BR>I finally got my problem solved with microsofts online help. I needed to intall the asp engine. I had not done this previously because there was conflicting(which is always nice!) information. <BR>Thanks!

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    T.Nagaraj Guest

    Default Database

    I hava 4 fields in a form.(emp_code,emp_name,dept,salary)<BR>emp_code is the primary key.I want a listbox should appear in place of emp_code which contains a list of emp_codes.When i click<BR>on particular emp_code(list box) the remaining three fields should be updated by the relevant information from the database<BR>For ex.when emp_code is 1001,then the emp_name should be "mahesh"<BR>dept should be "sales" and salary "7000"<BR>Can you help me how to get solution to this problem.<BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>T.Nagaraj

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