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    Okay, I have a table that holds information about some PDF&#039;s as well as the PDF&#039;s name (the PDF is stored in a directory). I want to set something up that allows me to see what users are viewing the PDF&#039;s. Below is my code<BR><BR> int_id = request.querystring("id")<BR><BR> SQL = "SELECT id,col_name,col_pdftype,col_group,col_subgroup,col _datetime,col_file FROM tb_tss WHERE id = &#039;"& int_id &"&#039;;"<BR> Set rs = myconn.Execute(SQL)<BR> <BR> var_name = rs("col_name")<BR> var_pdftype = rs("col_pdftype")<BR> var_group = rs("col_group")<BR> var_subgroup = rs("col_subgroup")<BR> dtm_datetime = rs("col_datetime")<BR> var_file = rs("col_file")<BR><BR><BR> SQL2 = "INSERT INTO tb_tss (col_tss_id,col_tss_name,col_tss_pdftype,col_tss_g roup,col_tss_subgroup,col_tss_datetime,col_tss_fil e,col_userid,col_datetime)"<BR> SQL2 = SQL2 & " VALUES "<BR> SQL2 = SQL2 & "(&#039;"& int_id &"&#039;,&#039;"& var_name &"&#039;,&#039;"& var_pdftype &"&#039;,&#039;"& var_group &"&#039;,&#039;"& var_subgroup &"&#039;,&#039;"& dtm_datetime &"&#039;,&#039;"& var_file &"&#039;,&#039;"& loginarray(0) &"&#039;,&#039;"& now &"&#039;);"<BR> SET rs2 = myconn2.Execute(SQL2)<BR><BR> response.redirect("/admin/tss/files/"& var_file &"")<BR><BR><BR><BR>Basically the way it works is a user browses througha page that contains multiple PDF&#039;s. When they see what one they want, they click on a link that passes the PDF&#039;s record id to another page. This page inserts the appropiate info into a log table. My problem is that when this is done, it is done three times. Mind you, this only happens when using MSIE. Netscape works fine. I also tried some other tests by having the response.redirect goto a page like or something. When that is done, a single post is made (not 3 posts).<BR><BR>Anyone else have this happen to them? Anyone have any ideas. If you need me to break down my code, please let me know.<BR><BR>-Brian

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    Ok <BR>1) redirect is the solution i come up twith about 3 month ago with this problem.<BR>2) Cause! ie open the pdf viewer then the file! DONG two posts then if more than one page......

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