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    hello,<BR>is there a way to use a drop menu to select a different db to search,?<BR>like I&#039;ve got two web sites on the same server, both of them have search engines running on access data bases, <BR>but on one site I want to be able to search the other sites DB just selecting an opting in the drop down beside the search box.<BR><BR>is this possible,,? and if so could some one explain it to me, or show me an example,?<BR><BR>thanks in advance for your time & help!

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    sure.<BR><BR>specify two different access database connections<BR><BR>then pass the one you want for the search. <BR><BR>I don&#039;t use access so I have no examples, but this should work fine. you could even go the DSN route and that would simply it even more.

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