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    Hi all,<BR> I have basic knowledge of databses. I am using SQL server for my application. I have a database of 5 million records. One single table has like 1 million records. Every day thousands of records are inported to that table. I have indexed the table. My problem is some times the sever is timing out. I set the connection time out to 3000. but still its timing out. Can any one give me a clue on what the problem might be and how to solve it.<BR><BR>Bye<BR>Rajesh<BR><BR>

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    Sounds like we have similar interests, I am running SQL my self and working on a probject for the internet. I have twelve months experiance in VB, HTML, and JAVA. I also have questions relative to indexing............ You should keep in touch with me<BR><BR>My name is Brett<BR><BR>email me any not a guru but from what it sounds like ,,,,,, I am a little ahead than you are.......<BR><BR>I am currently utilising SQL and ASP<BR>

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