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    I don&#039;t have an e-mail client available at the moment, so I&#039;m using this message to store a link that I need at work tomorrow :-)<BR><BR>

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    Here are some more ideas next time you dont have email access again..<BR><BR>1. Write it on a piece of paper (Pen required)<BR>2. Text it to your mobile<BR>3. Phone yourself and leave a message on your voicemail<BR>4. Write it on a piece of paper, put in envelope and mail to your work address.<BR>5. If you have net access, sign up for free webspace and upload the text file on to the free webspace.. or signup for a hotmail account just for fun !!<BR>6. And Finally... Try and memorise it.. !! (Without the queryStrings ofcourse !!)<BR><BR>Any more ideas guyz?

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