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    I&#039;ve made a logout function. After the cookie is destroyed the user is redirected to the login screen. But, I would like to give the user a message before redirecting, something like "You&#039;re logged out!". Somebody any idea how to do this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR>Ok impala!

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    Default You can't with just ASP

    ASP executes the entire page all at once on the server.<BR><BR>You would have to use a Javascript redirect script or a refresh meta tag. Theres loads of examples of this, do a search on google for &#039;javascript redirect&#039; or somthing along those lines.<BR><BR>Matt

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    If u want 2 do this in ASP, u can do 1 thing.After cookies are destroyed instead of redirecting directly 2 Login screen, redirect the user to a page where "You have successfully logged out. Want 2 login again?" message with a submit button below that , clicking on which gets user to Login screen.

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