I didn&#039;t get much of a response when I posted this in the asp.net forum, so I figured I would try it here. I&#039;m just curious about the general practices for this, not for my specific need. Thanks.<BR><BR>This is just a general question about coding practice now that .Net is out. With tradional Asp, there were many things that people said that you just should not do. Like using Asp session variables, and don&#039;t use Asp app vars too much, etc... Also, a big thing was don&#039;t use Asp unless you really need it, instead use static HTML pages. So, for the most part unless dynamic content was need, then you should use only HTML. Is this still the theory, even with Asp.Net? As a more detailed example, I am building a new web site. I want to build a navigation object/class (whatever), that basically contains a set of instructions to build the navigation on each page. Depending on the page, the navigation will be different. Like maybe changing the background color of the navigation item that relates to the current page. In old asp, this could be done with just using a navigation include file. But, most people thought that for something that simple, that it should just be hard coded with HTML. So, with Asp.Net, is that still the general idea? The navigation won&#039;t have to be pulled from a DB, it will be in an array or something. But I would like to have it be "included" on each page for ease of maintenance. Also, as mentioned above, what about Session and Application variables? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>--Eric