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    Gurus, <BR><BR>Problem: How can a bind the properties from a C# class to controls on a web form?<BR><BR>Goal: Use the data from my custom objects to populate controls on web forms. Then quickly and efficiently take the data from web forms and repopulate my objects so the database can be updated.<BR><BR><BR>Please help! I am developing a web forms application using C# in Visual Studio.NET. My application requires me to simultaneously access data from multiple disparate data sources. Additionally, the back end data structures are likely to change dramatically in the coming months. The use of classes for data access can abstract some or most of the changes from the rest of my application. In order to make the data access manageable, I built classes to handle the data access and store the fetched data in each object&#039;s properties as appropriate. Each class has an average of about 20-25 properties and the following four methods: add, update, get, and delete. The classes are very straightforward.<BR><BR>If possible, I need to be able to bind these classes to the controls (mostly textboxes, drop down list boxes, and checkboxes) on my web forms. These forms are used for both displaying and entering data--so the binding needs to be two-way. I have approximately 30 classes which will need to be used to populate 50 forms. A few more classes may be added. Any techniques or strategies that would facilitate code reuse or minimize coding time would be particularly appreciated.<BR><BR>If you have any ideas on how I can accomplish my objective, please do not hesitate to share them. I am open to all ideas. Please help! <BR><BR>Thanks in advance! <BR><BR>Anthony

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