Can't find practical use for XML in ASP site

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Thread: Can't find practical use for XML in ASP site

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    Hi,<BR>I&#039;m sure this is a dumb question, but I&#039;m having trouble finding a practical scenario where I can use XML in my ASP websites. I primarily build ASP websites with a SQL Server backend. In another application I used XML for B to B transfer of data, but on a plain website (pulling content from a db) I&#039;m having trouble seeing the benifit of XML.<BR><BR>Could anyone briefly explain (just an overview) of a real world example where they used XML on a website.<BR><BR>I know there are probably TONS, but all I can find are "Hello World" examples and I&#039;m having trouble making the connection.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    We were working on an application that we wanted to give 3rd parties access to the data in our database. So, rather than write 2 sets of pages (1 set reading directly from the database, 1 set returning the data in XML format), we just created a set of XML pages that returns the data in XML format. We would then just call those pages, and do the transformation to display our front-end.<BR><BR>The other thing that it gave us, is when we starting looking at some mobile applications, we were easily able to create different XSL files for the mobile devices and only had to add an IF statement to choose the XSL file based on the browser.

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