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    I have played around with the winsock control in VB and would like to create an instance of it in a activeX.dll but can&#039t figure out the Creatobject string. CreateObject("winsock.???")<BR>Cnn anyone help?<BR><BR>Thanks <BR>Rick

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    That one&#039s easy!<BR>If you look into vb-code (with a text-viewer) you would expect it to be something like<BR>set oWinSock = Server.CreateObject("MSWinsockLib.Winsock")<BR>Whi ch, strangely enough, it isn&#039t. The next thing you should do is don&#039t give up and take a wild gues, which I have prepaired earlier:<BR>set oWinSock = Server.CreateObject("MSWinsock.Winsock")<BR>Hey, that works!<BR>Now Getting the thing to connect to an other server...<BR><BR>Greetings,<BR>Bart

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