I&#039;m not sure if I&#039;m posting to the right Message Board, but I&#039;ll try it...<BR><BR>I read the article on this web site about using the Ad Rotator made by Microsoft. <BR><BR>I&#039;ve implemented it into my web site and for the most part, it seems to be working (my banners rotate on my pages). The only part that isn&#039;t working is the url. That is, when the user clicks on the banner, the user goes to a blank page. Rather the user should go to the url of that company (ex: http://www.advertising_company.com)<BR><BR>This is what comes up in the "Address" section of the browser when I click on a banner:<BR><BR>http://www.pubmixer.com/scripts/SendOffSite.asp?url=http://www.seattlefunc.org&image=http://www.pubmixer.com/graphics/thefunc_logo.gif<BR><BR>And this is what the adrot.txt file looks like. <BR><BR>REDIRECT /scripts/SendOffSite.asp<BR>WIDTH 480<BR>HEIGHT 59<BR>BORDER 0<BR>*<BR>http://www.pubmixer.com/graphics/thefunc_logo.gif<BR>http://www.seattlefunc.org<BR>A Unique Place to Hold Your Next Event!<BR>35<BR>http://www.pubmixer.com/graphics/andre_randolph_ad.gif<BR>http://www.seattlefunc.org<BR>You may be able to buy a house and not know it!<BR>35<BR>http://www.pubmixer.com/graphics/lefrock_logo.gif<BR>http://www.lefrockonline.com<BR>A High-End Consignment Boutique<BR>30<BR><BR><BR><BR>---------<BR>Thanks for your help - I really appreciate it!<BR>Andrea