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Thread: ASP Project design advice for a newbie.

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    Default ASP Project design advice for a newbie.

    Hi guys I&#039;ve got an idea and just want your advice on the best way to go around it. I want to design a ASP resume as an add on to a website. It will consist of the following pages.<BR><BR>* Login.asp (users will enter as Username and Password which will then post to Resume)<BR><BR>* Resume.asp (made up of a number of form compenents textarea, text, select, and checkboxes this posts to Resume saved) this will recall the information into these various inputs if the user has already registered/<BR><BR>* Resumesaved.asp (Save page, where Resume page will post to information is updated/inserted into the database)<BR><BR>Now I know how to code most of this but I have a few questions:<BR><BR>First<BR>------<BR>Login, should I use of the session variable in this project. Should I use it on the login page? If so should their be a page inbetween of Login.asp and resume.asp that checks in the database whether a user is registered and response.redirects based on whether the info is in the data? <BR><BR>Second<BR>------<BR>Saving / Updating of data. Obviously their will be a large amount amount of information coming across from resume.asp. Their could be up to 60 inputboxes of various types in the form on resume.asp, the information will go into different tables within a SQL Server database. i.e. Personal, Education, Work .... etc. Is their any problem/limit on how much data you can post from a form to a page the updates/inserts the record?<BR><BR>I would assume the best way to stuff the data in the database would be by having a number of calls in the same page one after another like:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>update table 1<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>update table 2<BR>%&#062;<BR>&#060;%<BR>update table 3<BR>%&#062;<BR>etc? <BR><BR>Our should all the updating be done in one set of <BR>&#060;%<BR>update table 1<BR>update table 2<BR>update table 3<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Hope this make sense, any advice would be appreciated. All my ASP books seems to be geared towards shopping charts instead of projects like this one.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance <BR><BR>James

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    Default RE: ASP Project design advice for a newbie.

    Login.asp will take you to a Login_Submit.asp.<BR><BR>Login_Submit.asp will validate that the username and password is contained in the database. If it is, it&#039;ll set a session variable fo the user_id and redirect them to the first password protected page. If it isn&#039;t, it&#039;ll display a message and/or redirect them back to the login screen.<BR><BR>At the top of all of your pages, you will need to make sure that the user_id Session variable exists and is a number. If either fails, you are going to need to display a message and/or redirect them back to the login screen.<BR><BR>As for saving the information, I think your users will get bored LONG before your page has a problem. Break it down into steps - a wizard like process.

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    Default God is absolutely right....

    And to expand just a little...<BR><BR>If you want to get some ideas for how to work the resume section, take a look at how sites like, and do it....Just go though, and fill out a resume. See if there is anything there that you like that you hadn&#039;t thought of...

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