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    Ruby Agarwal Guest

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    I have a page with the following structure:<BR>&#060;form action="Success.asp" name="zz" method="post"&#062;<BR>... an href link field<BR>... some text fields<BR>... submit button<BR><BR>&#060;/form&#062;<BR><BR>I understand that the submit method will be called on clicking the submit button. I want to do the same when the link is clicked. <BR>So, basically I want to submit my page in either case and then direct to the resppective pages based on the source, meaning if it was clicked from a link or the submit button. <BR>Basically if all the links are to be directed to different pages, how do I submit my form, reject if the validations fail and if not redirect them to the right pages, meaning how do I know which link was clicked.<BR><BR>Any help will be appreciated.

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    On_Click event Call the function<BR>In Function use method window.document.fromName.submit<BR>Or<BR>Directely Submit the form With in the &#060;a&#062; element using asp delimeter&#039s<BR>For deataile coding mail to<BR>

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    Tim W. Guest

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    How about trying this:<BR><BR>&#060;a href="javascript:zz.submit()"&#062;Submit Form ZZ&#060;/a&#062;

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