Hi all,<BR><BR>Anyone got any suggestions or know of any good articles on the following:<BR><BR>I am trying to create a web page which scrapes the balance etc from each of my online bank accounts/credit cards etc and presents all the info together. As I am sick of logging onto 4 different web sites each morning.<BR><BR>I know I can use the XMLHTTP component (but will probably go for the .net equivelant) or the browser control in VB. And I understand the basic principle I have to achieve - just mimick the info the browser send to the server when you login and then format the return that comes back down the HTTP pipeline. The problem I&#039;m having is finding out what info needs to be mimicked. Have tried doing this with a telnet session using various HTTP verbs but you dont get very far<BR><BR>Anyone got any ideas how to progress this?