I am trying to create a series of sub categories, say Categories.aspx -&#062; SubCategories.aspx -&#062; ProductView.aspx. To get the desired column, I have a template column that extracts the selected CategoryID using the commandArgument &#039;&#060;%# DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "CategoryID") %&#062;&#039;. And then passes the value to the next level using Server.Transfer("SubCategory.aspx?CategoryID=" + e.CommandArgument.ToString());<BR><BR>This works fine for the first transition Categories.aspx -&#062; SubCategories.aspx, but for the move to ProductView.aspx, it passes the same value forward agin, even though I have used the same process again. However, it updates to the correct value when I click a button with an empty method.<BR><BR>I have also noticed that the address bar seems to be one step behind, eg showing http://.....Categories.aspx, when it is actually displaying the SubCategory.aspx page. All of the pages work fine when the actual address is typed into the address bar.<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to rectify this problem. Any help would be greatly appriciated.