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    hi there Can any help me i am trying to find browser redirect script that only redirects netscape 4 users. <BR>it doesnt look at other browsers it only checks for netscape 4. <BR><BR>I am working on a site that it producing the srangest error! if I a certian page within the site in IE6 you can see it perfectly fine and i have lots of people look at the site with no problems whats ever. <BR>But i am now getting 6 people saying that when they view the page in IE6 the page is visable for about a second then is redirected by the browser redirect script i am using presently to a page that saids you are using an old browser please upgrade if you wish to view the site and offers both IE6 and NS6 as a download, this page is in turn appears for a second before being replaced with a file404 message. <BR>i have reviewed the script i am using and can see no problem with it yet still a these 6 people are reporting the same problem. <BR><BR>the script i am using at present is: <BR><BR>&#060;!-- <BR>function MM_checkBrowser(NSvers,NSpass,NSnoPass,IEvers,IEpa ss,IEnoPass,OBpass,URL,altURL) { //v4.0 <BR> var newURL=&#039;&#039;, verStr=navigator.appVersion, app=navigator.appName, version = parseFloat(verStr); <BR> if (app.indexOf(&#039;Netscape&#039;) != -1) { <BR> if (version &#062;= NSvers) {if (NSpass&#062;0) newURL=(NSpass==1)?URL:altURL;} <BR> else {if (NSnoPass&#062;0) newURL=(NSnoPass==1)?URL:altURL;} <BR> } else if (app.indexOf(&#039;Microsoft&#039;) != -1) { <BR> if (version &#062;= IEvers &#124&#124 verStr.indexOf(IEvers) != -1) <BR> {if (IEpass&#062;0) newURL=(IEpass==1)?URL:altURL;} <BR> else {if (IEnoPass&#062;0) newURL=(IEnoPass==1)?URL:altURL;} <BR> } else if (OBpass&#062;0) newURL=(OBpass==1)?URL:altURL; <BR> if (newURL) { window.location=unescape(newURL); document.MM_returnValue=false; } <BR>} <BR>//--&#062; <BR><BR>this is added into the body tag: <BR><BR>onLoad="MM_checkBrowser(5.0,0,1,5.0,0,1,0, &#039;newbrowser.asp&#039;,&#039;&#039;);return document.MM_returnValue"&#062; <BR><BR><BR>Can anybody see the flaw in this code or is possible that these people have a version of IE6 that disagrees with this code like a beta version. <BR><BR>any sugestion are well come.

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    I believe you would have to code for version 6.0 and 5.0.

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