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    Hi. I'm working through some examples in the book "Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0" by Wrox Press. In the section on Applications, Sessions and Cookies, I am instructed to "Create a new folder called 'Session' within the C:inetpubwwwroot folder." I am then told to "Start up MMC and right-click on the 'Session' folder and select the Properties option to bring up the Properties dialog." Here is my problem. I'm running PWS, and it has nothing like this! Next I am told to "Click on the Create button to create a new application." What should I do? Any and all ideas will be sincerely appreciated. Thanks, Steve

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    Hi,<BR>I donĀ“t understand if you want to create a folder in "wwwroot" or if you want to create a virtual directory to create a new application. If this second option is that you want, you can create a virtual directory in PWS &#062;&#062; ADVANCED &#062;&#062; HOME &#062;&#062; the name of the virtual directory you want and the name of the physical folder (that you have create before) where the application will runs.<BR><BR>Now you can create a "default.asp" or "index.htm" document located in the physical folder and type your localhost address + the name of the virtual directory created in the browser, and you will navigate in the new virtual directory. This "new site" is an application because the APPLICATION and SESSION objects will be activate each time you navigate this folder.<BR><BR>Excuse my poor english languaje.<BR>

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