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    Hello All, <BR><BR>I have 2 ASP pages (ASP1 and ASP2). I have a form in ASP1 that posts to ASP2. Within ASP2, there is a link that opens up a new browser pointing to ASP2 that returns Excel results. My problem is that when a user clicks the back button on their browser, ASP1 (with the form on it) is forced to reload. I want that page to stay in cache with the entries the user made. ASP1 stays in cache if the new browser with Excel is not opened up and I simply click back from ASP2. Another bit of info is that ASP1 and ASP2 reside in a frame. the new browser that opens up with the excel results from ASP2 is self-contained. Any ideas on how I can keep the cache from being seemingly cleared? It seems like everytime that new browser opens up with Excel, the cache gets cleared.

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    When you open the new window are you assigning it to a new variable?<BR><BR>&#060;script language=javascript&#062;<BR> var win = null;<BR> win ="http://new_url");<BR>&#060;/script&#062;<BR><BR><BR>If you were previously just calling then this may help.

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