I was using ASPLogin and it was working fine. Then boom, no dice. I reinstalled everything multiple times. It is a very simple app. Yet i keep getting this error:<BR><BR>An error occured while trying to log you in. The login database may be offline or there may be an ASPLogin configuration error. Please contact the systems administrator.<BR><BR>I&#039ve redone the ODBC Data Sources multiple times to no effect. I have rebooted and re-made my websites on IIS to no effect. I have run the Menu example from the ASP Dummies book..and now that does not seem to work! I get the Server.CreateObject failed...and the db is right there. I am at a total loss.<BR><BR>Could I have screwed up my system by installing or uninstalling something? (I tried to install InterDev but got errors so removed it) Is my Nortons Virus app a problem? I&#039ve tried using blank asa&#039s to no effect. I tried including the adovbs.inc to no effect (and i think thats the wrong track anyway!) any insight would be appreciated! This is freeware with no support so unless I figure this out I&#039m pretty much up the river. This is our intranet site, and now its obviously useless. Feel free to email me direct if you wish at tom@enucleus.com<BR><BR>Thanks!<BR><BR>Tom