Hi , I&#039;m looking for help or ressource to fix a bug . <BR>Here is the topo: <BR>PROBLEM: <BR>Into an Intranet ( meaning I can define what setting and config the user will have for IE) <BR>When I set the SmartNavigation to "true" , <BR>In a Datagrid using TemplatedColumn with an &#060;asp:Textbox runat="server"&#062; control in it , And the user modify multiple times the textbox without waiting for the focus to come back from the post, it cause IE to crash . (tested on 4 different PC) <BR><BR>SETTING: <BR>- using IE 6.0.2600 <BR>- using the Architect version of Visual Studio .NET <BR>- already have done the recommended SmartNavigation Update (didn&#039;t reboot the server , Yet (on Production)) <BR>SmartNav.js and SmartNavIE5.js dated of 1/16/2002 <BR><BR>RESTRICTIONS <BR>I don&#039;t want to use EditTemplateColumn , cause it request the user additional step as the architecture of the intranet is already design to permit or deny the edit of data , based on permission. <BR><BR>anyone have a clue ? <BR>